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About Us

Wouldn’t it be nice if our culture were defined by what is beautiful and creative? At Artisana, our goal is to support the arts by bringing creativity to our community. The basic idea behind functional art is that it should hold a valued place in everyday life. Whether it is in the form of jewelry or metal, ceramics or leather, we continue to expand our collection, keeping things fresh and exciting.  

It is important to us that the work we offer maintains and rewards quality, yet is accessible to everyone. Artisana is not only a place for the elite. That’s why we offer a large range of pieces, at affordable prices, so that everyone can live an art-filled existence.

Artisana began with the dream of celebrating art in everyday life. We first opened in 1999, in a train car off the beaten path. In 2001 we relocated to our current location on Main Street in Sebastopol. It is only because of the loyalty and support of our artists, designers, customers and staff that Artisana continues to flourish.

Thank You!

Tej in Artisana